Rosanna Arquette’s Monologue

Rosanna Arquette’s Monologue

…..Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette: Wow! How about those Mets!

God, you never know how you’re gonna feel ’til you’re actually out here. And I’m pretty nervous. But I’m glad I’m doing the show, because it’s two weeks before the elections, and I wanted to, you know, do some political humor. Unfortunately, the network won’t let me mention any names, and I can’t even say which party I’m for, because of the equal-time thing. But.. someone we know.. has been really ruining this country. And I can’t say what office he holds, because.. well, I just can’t. But it’s very high up! And he’s been spending all our money on these things.. but I can’t say what they are.. but.. [ makes explosion sound effect ] Get the picture?

Anyway, we’re gonna have a great show tonight, Ric Ocasek’s here, and have a good time!

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