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  Season 12: Episode 4

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November 15th, 1986

Sam Kinison

Lou Reed


Church ChatSummary: The Church Lady (Dana Carvey) announces that she’s protesting tonight’s show because Sam Kinison is hosting, then confronts the devlish comic backstage.

Recurring Characters: Church Lady.



Sam Kinison’s MonologueSummary: After joining G.E. Smith & The Saturday Night Live Band for an extended rendition of the theme song, Sam Kinison is flanked by cops on horseback to make sure he doesn’t use foul language during the broadcast.

Also Appeared: 85d, 85g, 85j, 85q, 86b.


AdobeSummary: The little car made out of clay, which is surprisingly affordable and resistant to collisions on the road.


Parent-Teacher ConferenceSummary: Boisterous kindergarten teacher (Sam Kinison) tells parents (Kevin Nealon, Jan Hooks) their daughter Sarah is stupid.

The Jungle RoomSummary: In 1943 New York, club owner Eddie Spimoza (Jon Lovitz) receives a visit from suspicious private eye Chick Hazard (Phil Hartman).

Recurring Characters: Eddie Spimoza, Charlie Loomis, Chick Hazard.

Ching Chang’s Pet Chicken ShopSummary:

Recurring Characters: Ching Chang.

Lou Reed performs “I Love You, Suzanne”

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerSummary: Victoria Jackson narrates her undercover video from Central Park.

Love ConnectionSummary: Sam Kinison is scarred for life after a horrible date with a pair of lesbians.

Recurring Characters: Marge Keister, Dr. Norma Hoeffering.

The Dancing LordSummary: Lord Christie (Dana Carvey) insists on dancing while his portrait is painted, and expects it to be perfect or he will kill the one who is painting him. After many failed attempts, the new painter (Jon Lovitz) uses reverse psychology to wear Lord Christie down so he can properly paint him.

Krypton SurvivesSummary: Jor-el (Sam Kinison) is unable to live it down when he makes a slight miscalculation and Krypton doesn’t explode.

Recurring Characters: Jor-el, Superman.

Lou Reed performs “Original Wrapper”

Sam Kinison Stand-UpSummary: Sam Kinison performs stand-up about his attitudes toward women.


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