SNL Transcripts: Steve Guttenberg: 12/13/86

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December 13th, 1986

Steve Guttenberg

The Pretenders

Penn & Teller

Tim Robbins

Buster Poindexter

The Pretenders, “Don’t Get Me Wrong”.

  • Infidelscam

    Iranian (Jon Lovitz) answers committee questions.

  • Steve Guttenberg’s Monologue

    Guttenberg plays the tuba with the SNL band.

  • McSooshi

    Raw fish added to the golden arches menu.

  • Derek Stevens

    Publicist (Kevin Nealon) says death will help Derek’s (Dana Carvey) sales.

    Recurring Characters: Derek Stevens.

  • Seducing A Blind Guy

    Pervert (Guttenberg) and blind man (Jon Lovitz) address subject with sketch.

  • The Pretenders perform “Don’t Get Me Wrong”

  • Sideshow of the Stars

    Grotesque celebrities encompass new sideshow attraction.

    Recurring Characters: Casey Kasem.

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

    “AIEEEE” is the word that beings National Spelling Bee to a close.

    Babette (Nora Dunn) likens French apology to making love to a whore.

    Recurring Characters: Babette.

  • Limited Movie Knowledge

    Guttenberg meets girlfriend’s (Victoria Jackson) parents (Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks).

  • Penn & Teller

    They perform the world’s most expensive card trick from Times Square remote.

  • The Back Page

    The less important stories are put to print in period spoof.

  • The Pretenders performs “How Much Did You Get For Your Soul?”

  • Talent Agency

    Actress (Victoria Jackson) takes agent’s (Kevin Nealon) words literally.

  • “Bob Roberts”

    Documentary film of First Amendment martyr folk singer (Tim Robbins).

  • Alcoholic Christmas Spirit

    Dad’s (Phil Hartman) Christmas spirit is artificial.

  • Chrissie Hynde & Buster Poindexter perform “Rockin’ Good Way”

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