SNL Transcripts: William Shatner: 12/20/86


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December 20th, 1986

William Shatner

Lone Justice

Griffin Dunne

Buster Poindexter

  • The Mute Marine

    Ollie North has little to say during marine hymn.

  • William Shatner’s Monologue

    Shatner jokes about the Star Trek conventions.

  • Star Trek Convention

    Shatner tells loser Trekkies to “get a life!”

  • Sweeney Sisters

    Liz (Nora Dunn) sings medley for her fiance (Shatner).

    Recurring Characters: Candy Sweeney, Liz Sweeney.

  • T.J. Hooker

    T.J. (Shatner) is Little Blue Riding Hood during car chase.

  • Lone Justice performs “Shelter”

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

    Al Franken experiences phantom pains while describing Reagan’s prostate surgery.

  • Star Trek V, The Restaurant Enterprise

    Captain Kirk (Shatner) and company open restaurant in space.

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Husband (Shatner) can’t get enough of his physique in the mirror.

  • Kevin Nealon’s Classic Christmas Experience

    Kevin recalls Christmas cliches and disasters.

  • Lost Ending to “It’s A Wonderful Life”

    Mr. Potter (Jon Lovitz) gets his comeuppance in the end.

  • Lone Justice performs “I Found Love”

  • “Frankie Toussaint”

  • Buster Poindexter performs “Zat You, Santa?”

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    Author: Don Roy King

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