SNL Transcripts: Joe Montana & Walter Payton: 01/24/87

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January 24th, 1987

Joe Montana

Walter Payton

Deborah Harry


Deborah Harry, “In Love With Love”

  • NFL Video Countdown

  • Joe Montana’s Monologue

  • Adobe

    (Repeat) See: 11/22/86.

  • Pathological Liar

    Recurring Characters: Tommy Flanagan.

  • Sincere Guy Stu

  • Crack Achievers

  • The NFL Today

  • Deborah Harry performs “French Kissin’ In The USA”

  • Mace Takes A Hostage

    Recurring Characters: Mace.

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

  • Eddie Spimoza’s Jungle Room

    Recurring Characters: Eddie Spimoza, Chick Hazard, Nancy Maloney.

  • Superbowl Gambling Memories

  • Church Chat

    Recurring Characters: Church Lady.

  • The Michael Jackson Workout Tape

  • Deborah Harry performs “In Love With Love”

  • The United Way

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