Sincere Guy Stu

Sincere Guy Stu

Dan…..Phil Hartman
Leslie…..Jan Hooks
Stu…..Joe Montana

Dan: You know, Leslie, I could talk to you for days.

Dan’s Thoughts: Gee, I’d like to jump her bones.

Leslie: Same here. You know, I haven’t even noticed the time?

Leslie’s Thoughts: Gee, I wish he’d jump my bones.

Dan: [ checking his watch ] Whoa! I didn’t realize how late it was. You know, you’re welcome to spend the night here. In the living room.

Dan’s Thoughts: If she says yes, I’m home-free!

Leslie: Gee, you know.. I really shouldn’t..

Leslie’s Thoughts: I don’t want to seem too trampy.

Dan: Well.. suit yourself.

Leslie: Okay, I will! [ laughs ] [ the sound of a car pulling up can be heard outside ]

Dan: Oh, great. That’s my roommate, Stu.

Dan’s Thoughts: Dammit! What a time for him to show up!

Leslie: Terrific! I’d love to meet him!

Leslie’s Thoughts: Oh, no.. he’s going to ruin everything.

Dan: I think you’ll relaly like Stu. He’s absolutely the most sincere, genuine straightforward person you’ll ever want to meet. A real honest guy.

Dan’s Thoughts: What a jerk he is!

Leslie: He sounds really nice.

Leslie’s Thoughts: God, he sounds boring!

Dan: Oh, here he is. Hey, Stu, come on in!

Stu: [ surprised there’s company ] Oh! I hope I’m not disturbing you.

Stu’s Thoughts: I hope I’m not disturbing them.

Dan: Not at all.

Dan’s Thoughts: God, he’s going to scare her away.

Dan: Uh, Stu, this is Leslie. Leslie, Stu.

Stu: [ shaking her hand ] Hi. I’m very glad to meet you.

Stu’s Thoughts: I’m very glad to meet her.

Leslie: Well, it’s nice to meet you.

Leslie’s Thoughts: God, this guy’s a stiff!

Dan: Leslie was gonna sleep in the living room. Unless thats a problem for you? In which case, she could sleep in my room, and I could sleep on the floor.

Dan’s Thoughts: Come on, you idiot! Help me out!

Leslie: You know, maybe it would be better if I stayed in Dan’s room, because we don’t want to inconvenience you.

Stu: Hey, it’s fine with me if you stay in the living room. It won’t bother me at all.

Stu’s Thoughts: It’s fine with me if she stays in the living room. It doesn’t bother me at all.

Dan: Thanks a lot, Stu.

Dan’s Thoughts: Yeah, thanks a lot, jerk!

Leslie: You know, you are so sweet.

Leslie’s Thoughts: Boy, is this guy lame!

Dan: Well, listen, Stu, I think Leslie and I are gonna stay up a while and talk, so I guess we’ll.. uh.. see you tomorrow.

Stu: Great! See you tomorrow!

Stu’s Thoughts: Great! I’ll see them tomorrow!

[ Stu heads upstairs ]

Leslie: Uh.. listen, we’ll talk quietly, so as not to disturb you, okay?

Stu: Oh, you won’t disturb me. I’ll be in my room masturbating.

Stu’s Thoughts: They won’t disturb me. I’ll be masturbating.

[ Stuart retreats upstairs ]

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