“It Was A Very Good Year”

“It Was A Very Good Year”

…..Paul Shaffer

Paul Shaffer: [ solemn and low ] You know, it’s been fun tonight, but sometimes after the fun’s over.. a man stops.. and reflects.

[ singing ]“In 1975
It was the very first year.
It was a very good year
For bees and “Never Mind”For laughs and getting small
And Chevy would fall
Something new had arrived
Way back in ’75.

In 1978
That was a wild and crazy year.
It was the year of the Stones
Of movie stars for hosts
And Brothers Czech and Blues
When Billy did the news
Belushi’s chauffeur would drive
That’s when that cat was still alive.

Then 1980 came along
That was Doumanian’s year.
Gets kinda foggy after that
Then Eddie Murphy busted through
Joe Piscopo sneaked in there, too
Then Ebersol cleaned house
“You look mahvelous” was the phrase
Those were some ten year heady days.

And now the days seem short
but, baby, this damn show’s still here.
We got a gang of fresh, young talented kids
I don’t quite know their names
But that Liar guy’s a hoot
And one of those chicks is kinda cute
We’ve launched some fine careers
It was a mess of good years.”

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