The Grenada Experience


The Grenada Experience

Father…..A. Whitney Brown

[ open on Father and Child looking at a Grenada poster outside a travel agency ]

Child: Dad? What’s Grenada?

V/O: A child’s question. But not a question a child might ask. And one, that in the past, has only led to more childish questions.

Child: Did we win the war in Grenada, Daddy?

V/O: Why did we go there? How did we find it? What did the Marines do the rest of that week?

Child: Is it really the smallest country in the world?

V/O: Time-Life Books presents: The Grenada Experience. The series designed to help you celebrate the greatest military triumph of our generation. 48 comprehensive volumes, one for every hour of this explosive period in American history. We’ll take you there, with the first troops to land. You’ll experience first-hand what it was like to ask directions from people with English accents. You’ll attend secret meetings at the White House, and meet the men who first realized that, somewhere in the world, there had to be a country we could lick. Call toll-free, and start putting the Grenada experience into focus. It’s important to gloat over Grenada. But gloating isn’t enough. Even bragging isn’t enough. It’s even more important to ask the question, “What is the big deal?” For ourselves, and for future generations.

Announcer: Call 1-800-PUSHOVER. Order now, and receive, free of charge, the 14-volume set “Time-Life History of Head-On Collisions”. Jam-packed eith photos previously published only in Mexican newspapers.

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Author: Don Roy King

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