Great Moments in the History of White Trash II

Great Moments in the History of White Trash II

Audra Foley…..Jan Hooks
Patron…..Phil Hartman
…..Willie Nelson

Announcer: And now, NBC presents another “Great Moment in the History of White Trash”.

[ open on Patron approaching waitress Audra Foley at the lunch counter ]

Audra Foley: Hi, there. What’s your pleasure, stranger?

Patron: I’ll go for one of them French dips.

Audra Foley: Sure thing, sugar. You want a donut, too?

Patron: You’re sassy. I like that! What time you get off work?

Audra Foley: What’s it to ya’?

Patron: ‘Cause I wanna take you out and buy you the thickest steak in town.

Audra Foley: Well, I don’t get off ’til midnight. That’s a little late for eatin’, don’tcha think?

Patron: Well.. then why don’t we just go down to the hotel and shack up?

Audra Foley: What kinda car you got?

Patron: Trans Am.

Audra Foley: Bring a bottle.

[ SUPER: “Audra Foley, Party Girl” ]

[ zoom into box in upper right-hand corner, as Willie Nelson appears in the remainder of the screen ]

Willie Nelson: Audra Foley went on to become an overweight divorcee with a pack of illegitimate children. She never amounted to much, but she sure was good people. This has been another Great Moment in the History of White Trash.

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