Great Moments in the History of White Trash III

Great Moments in the History of White Trash III

Clinton Johnson…..Kevin Nealon
Friend…..A. Whitney Brown

Announcer: And now, NBC presents another “Great Moment in the History of White Trash”.

[ open on Clinton Johnson and Friend eating donuts at lunch counter ]

Clinton Johnson: I could sit in here and eat donuts all day long.

Friend: I could, too. If I had the money.

Clinton Johnson: Yeah. Well, I got it made in the shade. I met a welfare mother with seven kids. The money’s just rollin’ in!

Friend: Are you fixin’ to marry her?

Clinton Johnson: Hell, no! They’d cut the benefits off like that! [ snaps finger ] I may be dumb, but I ain’t no fool. [ laughs ]

Friend: Hey, what say we go for a ride in your new Trans Am?

Clinton Johnson: Why not? The government’s payin’ for the gas!

[ they shake hands ] [ SUPER: “Clinton Johnson, Welfare Cheat” ] [ zoom into box in upper right-hand corner, as Willie Nelson appears in the remainder of the screen ]

Willie Nelson: Clinton Johnson sure was a no-account good-for-nothing. He went on to serve five years for kiting checks. Still, he was good people. This has been another Great Moment in the History of White Trash.

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