SNL Transcripts: Dennis Hopper: 05/23/87

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May 23rd, 1987

Dennis Hopper

Roy Orbison


Roy Orbison, “Crying”

  • Easy Rider

    Wyatt (Dana Carvey) and Billy (Hopper) survived their southern shooting.

  • Dennis Hopper’s Monologue

    Hopper says it’s great to be clean and sober.

  • Church Chat

    Hopper and Church Lady (Dana Carvey) discuss wilder days.

    Recurring Characters: Church Lady, Jenny Baker.

  • Roy Orbison performs “Crying” and “Pretty Woman”

  • Frank Booth’s What’s That Smell?

    Contestants must inhale odors and guess the correct smell.

    Recurring Characters: Robin Leach, Tammy Faye Bakker.

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

    Tommy Flanagan (Jon Lovitz) lies about client Oliver North’s innocence.

    A. Whitney Brown demonstrates juggling act for the Class of ’87.

    Recurring Characters: Tommy Flanagan.

  • Problem Drinkers From Outer Space

    Drunken aliens (Hopper, Phil Hartman) give press conference on Earth.

  • This Week with David Brinkley

    Sam Donaldson (Kevin Nealon) distracts panel discussion by leaning back in chair.

    Recurring Characters: David Brinkley, George Will, Sam Donaldson.

  • Cannibal Job Interview

    Cannibalism questions are raised during Hal McGowan’s (Hopper) job interview.

  • Roy Orbison performs “In Dreams”

  • Last Chance Gas Station

    Small town car mechanic (Hopper) argues with businessman (Phil Hartman).

  • Sweeney Sisters

    Liz (Nora Dunn) and Candy Sweeney (Jan Hooks) sing “goodbye” medley.

    Recurring Characters: Liz Sweeney, Candy Sweeney.

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