SNL Transcripts: Sean Penn: 10/24/87

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  Season 13: Episode 2

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October 24th, 1987

Sean Penn

L.L. Cool J

Michael Penn & The Pull


Joe Dicso

Christine Zander

Tom Davis
Fatal Attraction IISummary: Sean Penn is harrassed by his former prison love interest, Alex Forrest (L.L. Cool J).



Sean Penn’s MonologueTranscript

Wall Street Week

Church ChatRecurring Characters: Church Lady.


Pitman & BullockTranscript

The Teeny CafeRecurring Characters: Robert DeNiro, Babette, Bob the pianist.

Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

Late Night TalkRecurring Characters: Marge Keister, Don Keister, Susan Keister.

L.L. Cool J performs “Go Cut Creator Go”

DiscoverRecurring Characters: Peter Graves.

The Jungle RoomRecurring Characters: Eddie Spimozo, Charlie Loomis, Nancy Maloney.

Michael Penn & The Pull performs “This & That”

“Dr. Daniel Rudolph, Cat Dentist”


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