SNL Transcripts: Robert Mitchum: 11/14/87: Robert Mitchum’s Monologue

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  Season 13: Episode 4

87d: Robert Mitchum / Simply Red

Robert Mitchum’s Monologue

…..Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum: Thank you. “Saturday Night Live”, huh? This is something. I don’t know what yet, but I do know it’s live. Live TV – I guess that’s supposed to scare me. Like if I screw up, I may miss out on that 110th movie. And I’ve done a lot of movies, and I remember them all, too. One of my first appearances in films was with Laurel and Hardy. I think it was a comedy, but that’s what I thought of “Winds of War”, too. So who knows what’s gonna happen tonight. All I know for sure is, in 90 minutes, I go to a party. That sounds good to me. Let’s face it – there’s not much I haven’t seen in this world, and there’s even less that I haven’t done. In fact, after this show, there will be nothing I haven’t done. So stick around. We’ve got a musical group called Simply Red. We’ll be right back.

[ fade out ]

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