SNL Transcripts: Carl Weathers: 01/30/88

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  Season 13: Episode 10

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January 30th, 1988

Carl Weathers

Robbie Robertson



Bob Odenkirk
BushWhacked!Recurring Characters: George Bush.


Carl Weathers’ MonologueBio: Carl Weathers (1948-). Actor; brief career as a linebacker with the Oakland Raiders, 1970-71; best remembered as Apollo Creed in the “Rocky” film series, 1976-85.

Cameos: 03b.

Handi-OffSummary: Office employee Sheila (Victoria Jackson) seeks a product that will resolve the problem she faces by having extra digits.

Note: Repeat from: 12/05/87.

The NFL Today

Democratic Debate ’88Recurring Characters: Jesse Jackson.


Mother-In-Law Shootout

Robbie Robertson performs “Testimony”Bio: Robbie Robertson (1943-). Musician; he was the primary songwriter for The Band, until their dissolution in 1978; began his solo career in 1987.

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerTranscript

Actress & Pimp

Robbie Robertson performs “Somewhere Down The Crazy River”

Master Thespian Meets Ching ChangeRecurring Characters: Master Thespian, Ching Change.

“The Garden”


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