SNL Transcripts: Danny DeVito: 12/03/88


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  Season 14: Episode 7

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December 3rd, 1988

Danny DeVito

The Bangles


Arnold Schwartzenegger

Joe Dicso

Tom Davis

Conan O’Brien
Pumping Up With Hans & FranzRecurring Characters: Hans, Franz.



Danny DeVito’s MonologueSummary: Because he loves the rush of coming out on stage, Danny DeVito requests the opportunity to do it a second time.

First Hosted: 81s.


Big RedTranscript

Sex TonightRecurring Characters: Jessica Hahn, Casey Kasem.

Reclino Love LoungeRecurring Characters: Wilford Brimley.

Bankrupt Scrooge

The Bangles perform “In Your Room”Bio: All-girl folk-rock/jangle pop band out of Los Angeles; members: Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, Vicki Peterson, Michael Steele.

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerRecurring Characters: Yasser Arafat.

You Shot Me!Transcript

The Bastard BattalionTranscript

The Bangles perform “Hazy Shade Of Winter”

Celebrity RestaurantRecurring Characters: Buddy Precisely, Burt Reynolds.

Amateur Guardian Angels


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