SNL Transcripts: Melanie Griffith: 12/17/88

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  Season 14: Episode 9

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December 17th, 1988

Melanie Griffith

Little Feat


Don Johnson

Tom Davis

Marc Shaiman
Church Lady on Christmas EveRecurring Characters: Church Lady, Mesphistopheles.


Melanie Griffith’s MonologueBio: Melanie Griffith (1957-). Actress; daughter of Hitchcock actress Tippi Hedren; films include: “Body Double” (1984), “Working Girl” (1988); married to actor Don Johnson, 1976, 1989-96; married to actor Steven Bauer, 1981-87; married to actor Antonio Banderas since 1996.

First Guardian MetroCard

Miss Self-Esteem USA Pageant

CIA Christmas Party

Community ChapstickSummary: On a cold, blustery day, every disgusting person in town requests to borrow an uptight man’s (Dana Carvey) chapstick.

Little Feat performs “Let It Roll”Bio: Country rock and roll band, originally formed in 1969 by Lowell George and Bill Payne; band broke up upon George’s death in 1979, but reformed in 1989 with former Pure Prairie League founder, Craig Fuller, as their new frontman; other members include: Fred Tackett, Paul Barrere, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney, Sam Clayton.

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerRecurring Characters: Dennis Miller.

Sweeney SistersRecurring Characters: Candy Sweeney, Liz Sweeney.

“Love Is A Dream”Transcript

Little Feat performs “Hate To Lose Your Lovin'”

Misreading Signals

Season’s GreetingsSummary: Tonto, Tarzan & Frankenstein performs “Deck The Halls”

Recurring Characters: Tonto, Tarzan, Frankenstein.


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