SNL Transcripts: John Malkovich: 01/21/89

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  Season 14: Episode 10

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January 21st, 1989

John Malkovich

Anita Baker



Christine Zander

Tom Davis
Bush’s Super Bowl CallRecurring Characters: President George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Marv Albert.


John Malkovich’s MonologueBio: John Malkovich (1953-). Actor; films include: “Places in the Heart” (1984), “Dangerous Liaisons” (1988), “Of Mice and Men” (1992), “In the Line of Fire” (1993), and “Being John Malkovich” (1999).

Also Hosted: 93d.

First Citiwide Change Bank ISummary: Bank representative Paul McElroy (Jim Downey) explains the process by which First Citiwide is able to distribute nothing but loose change.

Repeat from: 88a.

Nancy Reagan Leaves The White HouseRecurring Characters: Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan.

First Citiwide Change Bank IISummary: More testimonials from customers who were glad to be able to acquire exact change when they needed it most.

Repeat from: 88a.

AttitudesRecurring Characters: Linda Dano, Nancy Glass.

Gary Busey Motorcycle HelmetsRecurring Characters: Gary Busey.

Anita Baker performs “Giving You The Best That I Got”First Performed: 86p.

Mocking Lord EdmundSummary: Snooty Lord Edmund (John Malkovich) accuses his servants of mocking him behind his back.


Weekend Update with Dennis MillerRecurring Characters: Dan Quayle, Sandra Day O’Connor, Marilyn Quayle.

California Condor

Anita Baker performs “Just Because”

Johnny Canal

Tony TrailerRecurring Characters: Tony Trailer.


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