SNL Transcripts: Tony Danza: 01/28/89

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  Season 14: Episode 11

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January 28th, 1989

Tony Danza

John Hiatt



Tom Davis

Andy Murphy
A Message From Ted BundyTranscript


Tony Danza’s MonologueFirst Hosted: 85o.


Carbon PaperRepeat from: 88c.

Da War Of Da WoildsTranscript

Jesus Christ CelebrityRecurring Characters: Jesus.

John Hiatt performs “Paper Thin”Bio: John Hiatt (1952-). Rock guitarist; as a songwriter, he penned the song “Sure As I’m Sitting Here”, which charted by Three Dog Night in 1974; gained prominent success with the release of his eighth album, “Bring the Family”, in 1987.

As World TurnRecurring Characters: Tonto, Tarzan, Frankenstein.


Sing Along With Tonto, Tarzan & FrankensteinSummary: Tonto (Jon Lovitz), Tarzan (Kevin Nealon), and Frankenstein (Phil Hartman) perform their rendition of “Oh, Suzanna”.

Recurring Characters: Tonto, Tarzan, Frankenstein.

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerRecurring Characters: Jeanne Dixon, Stuart Rankin.

Frankie’s Proposal

Victor’s Stakeout

John Hiatt performs “Slow Turning”

What Are You Lookin’ At?

Sincere Guy StuRepeat from: 86i.


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