SNL Transcripts: Leslie Nielsen: 02/18/89: Geritech

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 14: Episode 13

88m: Leslie Nielsen / Cowboy Junkies


Stagehand…..Bob Van Ry
…..Leslie Nielsen

Stangehand: Here are the script changes, Mr. Neilsen.

Leslie Neilsen: Thank you, Bobby. [ puts script down, looks at camera ] Hello. I’m Leslie Neilsen, liver spot sufferer. You know, people ask me, “Leslie, after so many years in television and movies, are you at all embarrassed about appearing in ads for Blotch-Off?” [ holds up product ] A livder spot remover from Geritech that works while you sleep. The answer is no, becuse Blotch-Off really works. You see, I used to covered with ugly, embarrassing old-age spots. you see, that could be a real problem in my profession.

[ walks over to second product ]

Not as big a problem, however, as a loss of bladder control. Now, imagine doing a scene with some lovely young actress, and soiling both your costume and hers. Now, that can be embarrassing. That’s why I wear Dripmaster.. [ holds product ] ..the undergarment from Geritech that takes the worry out of walking around. In fact, I’m relieving myself right now!

[ steps aside to next product ]

I’m just stepping over here now, because I’d like to tell you about something that I’m really proud of. Bung-King Hemmorhoidal Cream. You may think your hemmorhoidal preapration is top-notch, but Bung-King from Geritech is the only hemmorhoidal cream with that.. [ bell rings ] ..patch of lanolin. So, the next time you feel that burning, painful itch, reach for Bung-King, the only hemmorhoidal cream and suppository with my face on it.

[ walks to the side again ]

Now I know you’re thinking about.. [ echo ] ..diarrhea! Well, I’m just an actor, but I get diarrhea all the time. That’s why.. [ holds up product ] ..Solidex is always in my medicine cabient, and in my make-up kit.

Stangehand: Ready for another take, Mr. Neilsen.

Leslie Neilsen: Well, gotta go! [ smiles ] And I’m ready, thanks to Blotch-Off, Dripmaster, Bung-King and Solidex. Now, I can concrentrate on my craft.

Announcer: Ask for the Geritech line of personal products when you have a problem that’s embarrassing.

Leslie Neilsen: Tell them.. Leslie sent you!

Announcer: Meet Leslie Nielsen at a Wal-Mart near you, and ask Leslie to sign your Dripmaster carton!

Leslie Neilsen: If you think I’m embarrassed endorsing the Geritech line of products, you just don’t know me.

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