SNL Transcripts: Mary Tyler Moore: 03/25/89: Lady Rhemington

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 14: Episode 15

88o: Mary Tyler Moore / Elvis Costello

Lady Rhemington

…..Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore: Hi! You know, in my beauty routine, I use the best conditioners and creams for my hair and face. And, when it comes to my legs, once a week I reach for my cordless Lady Rhemington shaver. I like Lady Remington’s feminie shape and unique design..

[ turns on the shaver and reaches down for her legs, close-up angle reveals that Mary has ultra-thick leg hair ]

..Because it allows its 300 platinum blades to gently shave a woman’s sensitive skin and contours.

The Lady Rhemington. The ultimate lady shaver for every lady.

Announcer: The Lady Rhemington. Available in pink or yellow, with AT recharger and handsome carrying case.

SNL Transcripts

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