SNL Transcripts: Dolly Parton: 04/15/89: The Rusty Bone


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 14: Episode 16

88q: Dolly Parton

The Rusty Bone

Bob…..Dana Carvey
Larry…..Jon Lovitz
Angry Wife…..Nora Dunn
Sheba…..Victoria Jackson
Sparky…..Phil Hartman
Sexy Poodle…..Jan Hooks
Kevin…..Kein Nealon

Bob: Hey, Larry, there you are!

Larry: Hey, Bob! You made it! [ tail raises and wags ]

Bob: Oh, yeah! Good to see ya, boy! Good to see ya! [ pats Larry ] I almost didn’t make it.

Larry: Why.. what happened?

Bob: Well, I was chasing after a taxi, and then I almost got run over.

Larry: Ohhh.. [ tail droops, then jumps up again ] But you did make it!

Bob: [ tail wagging rapidly ] I made it, I made it, yeah!

[ cut to a pair of catwomen: Angry Wife seated at table as Sheba enters ]

Angry Wife: Sheba? I have something to say to you?

Sheba: Do I know you? What do you want?

Angry Wife: You know my husband – you’ve been sleeping with him!

[ their tails raise pointedly in anger, as they scowl at one another ] [ Sparky enters bar, tail drooping ]

Larry: Hey, Sparky!

Bob: Sparky! What’s the matter?

Sparky: Oh, my boss chewed me out again.. he said my report was bad.. he kept saying it was bad..! ..bad! [ tail droops betwene his legs ]

Bob: Really? We thought it was good! You’re good..! ..good!

Sparky: [ happy, tail raises ] Oh, you really think so? Oh, thanks! I feel a lot better!

[ sexy Poodle enters the bar, as the three Dogmen point, raise their legs, and their tails spring straight into the air ] [ Kevin, seated at table, stands up, his tail pointed straight over a candle. A spark from the candle sends his tail into flames as he howls. ] [ fade out ]

SNL Transcripts

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