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  Season 14: Episode 18

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April 22nd, 1989

Geena Davis

John Mellencamp


Cheryl Hardwick
A Message From the President of the United StatesRecurring Characters: George Bush.


Geena Davis’ MonologueBio: Geena Davis (1956-). Actress; Academy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress for “The Accidental Tourist” (1988); other films include: “Thelma and Louise” (1991), “A League of Their Own” (1992); starred as first female president in short-lived televised drama series “Commander in Chief”, 2005-06; married to frequent film co-star Jeff Goldblum, from 1987-90.

The Bob Waltman SpecialRecurring Characters: Bob Waltman, Burt Reynolds, Diane Sawyer, Roseanne.

Frost White and the Seven L’il MenSummary: A cheap Disney knockoff flirts with copyright infringement by changing every third word from the tale of Snow White.


AttitudesRecurring Characters: Linda Dano, Nancy Glass.

John Mellencamp performs “Pop Singer”First Performed: 81p.

The Palmer Bunch

Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

Suspended Animation Chambers

John Mellencamp performs “Jackie Brown”

Game Show Models

After The Apocalypse


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