John Belushi Tribute

John Belushi Tribute

…..Jim Belushi
…..Dan Aykroyd

Jim Belushi: Hi, I’m Jim Belushi, John’s little brother.

Dan Aykroyd: And I’m Dan Aykroyd, John’s other little brother.

Jim Belushi: You know, a lot of things have been written about this show and the people on it.

Dan Aykroyd: Most of themn laid down by unfeeling, unqualified personnel.

Jim Belushi: The fact is, with John, his work speaks for itself. Bigger and louder than words written by these transitory specks.

Dan Aykroyd: And the fact is, that those who here know and will always know. Those who weren’t here will never know and will be forgotten.

Jim Belushi: Here’s John, 1975 to ’79. Mom, this one’s for you.

Dan Aykroyd: Agnes, we love you!

Jim Belushi: Rewind it!

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