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Bruce Willis

…..Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis: Hi, I’m Bruce Willis. I, uh.. I wanted to see what this feels like, to be out here and not have anything funny to say at all. I’m gonna be doing this show next week, and, at this time, we do not have anything funny for me to say. We used up a lot of it on this show tonight. But I will be hosting the show next weekend, and I just want to remind all the writers and the people who work on this show, there’s a wonderful party going on later, but uh.. six days from now, we do this show again. Nothing is written, so enjoy the party, but for God’s sakes, try to get home at a reasonable hour, I’ll be here bright and shiny tomorrow morning ready to go to work and looking for many, many funny things to say. Good night, thank you for coming and dressing so well.

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