…..Christopher Guest…..Martin Short

Christopher Guest: You know, Martin, there are a lot of very important stars out in the audience tonight, really major figures in the world of show business. And although you might not be as famous, talented and good-looking as they are, well.. I just wanted to say that.

Martin Short: [ smiling it off ] Thank you, Chris. And, although what you say may be true.. I might not be the most talented famous.. [ breaks into hysterical mode ] But I’ll tell you one thing, Mister! I love this country! A hell of a lot more than some of these flag-waving phonies sitting out there tonight! And even though I wasn’t born here – I wish I had of been! [ breaks into tears in Christopher’s arms ] Hold me!

Christopher Guest: Now, without further ado, some clips from the years 1980 to 1985.

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