Tom Hanks’ Monologue

Tom Hanks’ Monologue

…..Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks: Thank you. Now, isn’t this something? 15 years of “Saturday Night Live”. Wow. I’m a fan. The Coneheads.. the Czech Brothers.. “You look mahvelous”.. the Church Lady.. So many others, and they’re all right here.

What a night, it’s a very, very special night. And out of all the stars that are here tonight, I have been given the honor of handling what has traditionally been the weakest part of the shoew – the opening monologue. That’s the part of the show where they take a very talented person, someone who is successful in some walk of life, someone who has never actually performed a monologue before – your Fran Tarkenton, your Ralph Nader, your Cicely Tyson – and they tell them to go out there. They say just be yourself, and, of course, be funny, and convey the following information – how great it is to be here, how great it is to be in New York, what a week it’s been, how the people around here are all “a little crazy”, and what a great show it is because we’ve got a great musical guest with us, and so on..

So.. anyway.. [ excited ] It is great to be here! New York City! Oh, the cast, the crew, what a week it’s been! Prince is with us! Paul Simon! It’s gonna be a great show! A great show! Just like it’s been since October 11th, 1975, when the Not Ready For Prime Time Players gave us all a reason to stay home on Saturday nights.

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