SNL Transcripts: Rick Moranis: 10/07/89

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  Season 15: Episode 2

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October 7th, 1989

Rick Moranis

Rickie Lee Jones


Bonnie Turner

Christine Zander

Bob Odenkirk
Jackie Mason’s Press Conference


Rick Moranis’ Monologue

The Big Bitch Bull Dyke Bust Out of ’89Summary: .

Recurring Characters: Leona Helmsley, Jim Bakker, Tammy Faye Bakker, Zsa Zsa Gabor.


Honey, I Shrunk Hans & FranzRecurring Characters: Hans, Franz.

Rickie Lee Jones performs “Satellites”Also Performed: 78p

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerSummary: Mr. Subliminal (Kevin Nealon). Phil Hartman delivers the George Steinbrenner Health Watch report. Frenchy (Jon Lovitz).

Recurring Characters: Mr. Subliminal, Frenchy.

Merv Griffin’s Casino ShowRecurring Characters: Merv Griffin, Donald Trump, Ivana Trump.

Wild HorseTranscript

Rickie Lee Jones performs “Ghetto Of My Mind”

New Baseball Rules

Baby Talk

Word BustersTranscript


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