SNL Transcripts: Kathleen Turner: 10/21/89


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  Season 15: Episode 3

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October 21st, 1989

Kathleen Turner

Billy Joel


Christine Zander

Conan O’Brien

Joe Dicso
The Miracle Of Fatima ’89


Kathleen Turner’s Monologue

Plug AwayRecurring Characters: Harvey Fierstein, John Travolta, Lee Iacocca.

Die Squaren Ost Berliner


Billy Joel performs “We Didn’t Start The Fire”Also Performed: 77k, 93d

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerSummary: One man mobile uplink unit Al Franken broadcasts live from a NYC crackhouse. Phil Hartman delivers the George Steinbrenner Health Watch report. A. Whitney Brown delivers a Big Picture commentary on the San Francisco earthquake.

Recurring Characters: Mr. Subliminal.

The EggmanTranscript

Lank Thompson’s “I’m A Handsome Man”Recurring Characters: Lank Thompson.


All About Deborah NorvilleRecurring Characters: Jane Pauley, Gene Shalit.

Billy Joel performs “Downeaster Alexa”

Average Blind Date

Maxwell HouseNote: Another props gaffe, as Jon Lovitz’s fake stomach comes loose as he dances.

Recurring Characters: Linda Ellerbee, Willard Scott.


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