SNL Transcripts: James Woods: 10/28/89

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  Season 15: Episode 4

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October 28th, 1989

James Woods

Don Henley


Tom Davis

Jim Downey

Lorne Michaels

Bonnie Turner

Terry Turner
The Tonight Show with Johnny CarsonRecurring Characters: Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Nancy Reagan.


James Woods’ Monologue


AIDS-Aware Dracula

Primetime LiveRecurring Characters: Sam Donaldson, Diane Sawyer.

Don Henley performs “The Last Worthless Evening”Also Performed: 00o.

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerSummary: Victoria Jackson reports from Costa Rica. A. Whitney Brown delivers a Big Picture commentary. Dennis Miller (Dana Carvey).

Recurring Characters: Dennis Miller.

Sky’s The Limit

“Falling In Love”

Don Henley performs “The Boys of Summer”

Three Dudes Holistic Automotive

Helmsley Spook HouseNote: Repeat from 11/08/86.

Halloween GreetingsSummary: Tonto (Jon Lovitz), Tarzan (Kevin Nealon) and Frankenstein (Phil Hartman) recite “The Raven.”

Recurring Characters: Tonto, Tarzan, Frankenstein.


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