SNL Transcripts: Chris Evert: 11/11/89

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  Season 15: Episode 5

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November 11th, 1989

Chris Evert



Lorne Michaels

Jeff Renaudo
Wimbledon LossRecurring Characters: Queen Elizabeth.


Chris Evert’s Monologue

Colon BlowTranscript

Bush at The Berlin WallRecurring Characters: President George Bush.


Evert vs. NavratilovaNote: The newspaper montage features the theme music used for Saturday Night News (formerly Weekend Update and SNL Newsbreak) from 1982-84.

Recurring Characters: Martina Navratilova.

Bette Davis’ Videotape WillNote: That’s actually Jan Hooks making all the fast-forward sound effects of the VCR as she performs the “videotaped” will offstage. There’s one moment where she’s still performing the effects even though the tape is no longer fast-forwarding.

Recurring Characters: Bette Davis.

Eurythmics perform “Angel”

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerSummary: Kevin Nealon reviews X-rated movies. Annoying Man (Jon Lovitz) bothers Dennis Miller.

Recurring Characters: Annoying Man.

Lothar Of The Hill PeopleRecurring Characters: Lothar, Tyler, Org.

“Draw the Line”

Lyle, The Effeminate HeterosexualRecurring Characters: Lyle Billup, Mrs. Billup.


Eurythmics perform “Baby’s Gonna Cry”


The Nude House of Wacky PeopleRecurring Characters: Ronald Reagan.



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