SNL Transcripts: Chris Evert: 11/11/89: Bush At The Berlin Wall


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 15: Episode 5

89e: Chris Evert / Eurythmics

Bush At The Berlin Wall

President Bush…..Dana Carvey

[display: image of seal of the president]

Announcer: We interrupt this program for a special address from the president of the United States.

[ cut to President Bush, with the Berlin Wall and onlookers in the background ]

President Bush: Good evening, should I say “guten morgen.” Almost dawn here in Berlin. People behind me doin’ that freedom thing, dancin’, standin’ around up there talkin’ to each other. Party on you freedom fighters. Some standin’ on top of the wall, some standin’ on the ground, some wanting to get up on the wall; not enough room. Guy up there with a pick axe doin’ that thing goin’ up and down, goin’ round and round up there, breaking that wall that separated a people. Not any more. Many presidents tried to get that wall down, unsuccessful! Unsuccessful! And of course 3 months ago I had an idea, made a little speech.. [ takes out a paper from his pocket ] ..and I quote the Washington Post, July 18, 1989, right here: “‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall,’ said Bush.” [ wheezing laugh ] Does that make me a great president, am I an Abe Lincoln up here? [ laughs again, puts the paper away ]

Too early to tell, not enough information, wouldn’t be prudent. But the facts remain: before Bush, wall; with Bush, no wall! Kinda makes you wonder what else I could achieve. Many issues lie ahead. Reunification of Germany, that big country comin’ together like it does. Scary. Sure they are frightening people, got that track record of theirs. Sword of Siegfried comin’ at ya. But this time, unification under democracy. Chancellor Helmut Kohl, good friend of mine, worked closely with him, Barr and I broke bread with the man. Not a Hitler; Hitler was bad! Bad! Kohl: good! Egon Krenz: don’t know ’em!

So to sum up: Krenz: don’t know him; Hitler: bad! Kohl: good! Dan Quayle: still gaining acceptance. The wall: comin’ down. Me: enthusiastic but prudent. Out in front of the situation, not too far, playin’ it just right. Before Bush, wall; with Bush, wall obliterated! Place in history secure [ awkward pause ] Bye!

[ cut to presidential seal ]

Announcer: This has been the president of the United States.

Submitted by: Rob Holtman

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