SNL Transcripts: Woody Harrelson: 11/18/89

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  Season 15: Episode 6

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November 18th, 1989

Woody Harrelson

David Byrne


Akira Yoshimura
Five Easy Pieces ’89Recurring Characters: Jack Nicholson.



Woody Harrelson’s Monologue

Who’s Dumber?

Pumping Up With Hans & FranzRecurring Characters: Hans, Franz, Roseanne Barr.

AttitudesRecurring Characters: Linda Dano, Dee Kelly.

David Byrne performs “Dirty Old Town”

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerSummary: Connie Chung (Akira Yoshimura).

Recurring Characters: Connie Chung.

Three Very Lonesome CowboysRecurring Characters: Lonesome cowboys.

Army Hospital

Thanksgiving Good, Fire BadRecurring Characters: Tonto, Tarzan, Frankenstein.

David Byrne performs “Loco de Amor”

SprocketsRecurring Characters: Dieter.

Thanksgiving GreetingsRecurring Characters: Tonto, Tarzan, Frankenstein.

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