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  Season 15: Episode 11

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January 20th, 1990

Christopher Walken

Bonnie Raitt


Tom Davis
The Tonight ShowSummary: Johnny Carson (Dana Carvey) welcomes Mikhail Gorbachev (Phil Hartman) and Andrew Dice Clay (Jon Lovitz) to the show, as Ed McMahon (Phil Hartman) chimes in through a pre-recorded voice module.

Recurring Characters: Johnny Carson, Ed McMahon, Mikhail Gorbachev, Andrew Dice Clay.


Christopher Walken’s MonologueSummary: Keeping a straight, emotionless face, Christopher Walken insists that he’s excited to be hosting “Saturday Night Live,” then sings “Throwin’ A Ball Tonight” and tap dances to prove it.

Also Hosted: 92d, 95j, 99p, 00t, 02m.


Colon BlowNote: Repeat from 11/11/89.


Girlfriend Dumping ServiceSummary: To end their relationship, Linda Parker’s (Victoria Jackson) boyfriend sends a professional liaison (Christopher Walken) to do his dirty work for him.

Bonnie Raitt performs “Have a Heart”

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerRecurring Characters: Annoying Man.

The ContinentalSummary: The suave yet unsophisticated Continental (Christopher Walken) welcomes a woman to his penthouse apartment.

Note: This recurring sketch is based on a short-lived CBS program that aired Saturday nights during the 1952-53 season, and starred Renzo Cesana as The Continental. Its target audience was lonely women who didn’t have dates for the evening; the combination of the subjective camera angles and the Continental’s charm was designed to make these women believe they were being romanced through their TV sets!

Recurring Characters: The Continental.


AttitudesSummary: Sports enthusiast Rainbow Head (Christopher Walken) chats with Linda Dano (Nora Dunn) and Dee Kelly (Jan Hooks).

Recurring Characters: Linda Dano, Dee Kelly.

Lease With An Option To KillSummary: Bitter with defeat, Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) supervises the construction of his new top-secret headquarters, which will be the end of agent James Bond (Phil Hartman) once it’s complete. Too bad the smirking Bond has been captured ahead of schedule, and isn’t the least bit impressed by Zorin’s plans.

Recurring Characters: James Bond.

Bonnie Raitt performs “Thing Called Love”



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2 years ago

Great Site, -btw in reruns “Hardbound” sketch was replaced with some unknown Shiller’s Reel about acting (dont know how it called – no info)

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