SNL Transcripts: Fred Savage: 02/24/90

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  Season 15: Episode 14

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February 24th, 1990

Fred Savage



Rob Smigel

Tom Davis

Jim Downey
Church ChatSummary: The Church Lady (Dana Carvey) and her niece Enid (Fred Savage) give Donald Trump (Phil Hartman) and Marla Maples (Jan Hoks) a hard time.

Recurring Characters: Church Chat, Donald Trump, Marla Maples.


Fred Savage’s MonologueSummary: As Fred Savage hits puberty while delivering his monologue, the voice of his older self (Rob Smigel) narrates the events like on “The Wonder Years.”


Gun SafetyParents (Phil Hartman, Victoria Jackson) keep hiding their gun in places that their son (Fred Savage) is most likely to look for it.

The Pat Stevens ShowRecurring Characters: Pat Stevens.


Technotronic performs “Pump Up The Jam”

Weekend Update with Dennis MillerRecurring Characters: Annoying Man, Grumpy Old Man.

Imaginary Friends

Shuttle Launch

Lothar Of The Hill PeopleRecurring Characters: Lothar, Tyler.

Technotronic performs “Get Up!”

Hooked On Sushi


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