SNL Transcripts: Andrew Dice Clay: 05/12/90: Kevin Nealon’s Personal Protest

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 15: Episode 19

89s: Andrew Dice Clay / Spanic Boys, Julee Cruise

Kevin Nealon’s Personal Protest

…..Kevin Nealon

Kevin Nealon: Hi, I’m Kevin Nealon. Earlier you heard from my fellow cast member, Jan Hooks about her objection to Andrew Dice Clay hosting tonight’s show. Well her form of protest, walking through sketches is uh, certainly valid. I’ve chosen a different means of expressing my outrage. Tonight, I am refusing to appear in all but three sketches. I feel that by doing only three sketches, and really scoring in those three, I would make more of a statement than by appearing in 6 or 7 sketches in small supporting roles. Now I know this stance may not be “popular”, but as a comedian, I’ve never particularly cared about popularity. I just want you to like me. I’m Kevin Nealon.

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