Sam Walton Offer I

Sam Walton Offer I

Sam Walton…..Phil Hartman

Sam: Hi. I’m sam Walton, owner of the Wal-mart shoppingchain and one of the richest men in America. As you know there’s a lot of talk in Washington about raising taxes on the so called super rich. And as you can imagine that idea doesn’t sit too well with me. So here’s my offer. If you write your congressmen and tell him you opposethis tax plan, I’ll pay you $100,000. That right $100,000 in cash just for writing a letter to your congressmen. All you do is make a photocopy, mail it to my Arkansas headquarters and you get your money in five business days. Now I know some of you are wondering, how it could be in my interest to pay each of the 130 million American voters $100,000 a piece just to avoid a three percent tax hike? Well you just let me worry about that. Just write your letter, sit back and I’ll do the rest. Good night. That’s $100,000. God bless.

Announcer: Limit of two letters per household, Return postage required.

Submitted by: Nick Johnson

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