SNL Transcripts: Jimmy Smits: 11/10/90

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November 10th, 1990

Jimmy Smits

World Party

Bob Costas

  • A Message From the President of the United States

    Recurring Characters: President George Bush.

  • Jimmy Smits’ Monologue

  • Chia Head

  • Game Challengers

  • NBC News Employees

    Recurring Characters: Tom Brokaw.

  • Simon

    Recurring Characters: Simon.

  • World Party performs “Way Down Now”

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

  • Date With a Ditz

  • The Dark Side

    Recurring Characters: Nat X, Sandman.

  • Two-Faced Doormen

  • Mobile Home

  • World Party performs “Ship of Fools”

  • Verbal Reversals

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