NBC News Employees

NBC News Employees

Robin Fletcher…..Julia Sweeney
Kathy…..Jan Hooks
Dan…..Phil Hartman
Executive #1…..Dana Carvey
Executive #2…..Mike Myers
Antonio Mendoza…..Jimmy Smits
Delivery Boy…..Rob Schneider
…..Bob Costas
Secretary…..Victoria Jackson

[ open on live footage of Robin Fletcher delivering news rport ]

Robin Fletcher: The fighting, for now, is over. But, for the people of Nicauragua, that is small consideraton. This is Robin Fletcher for NBC News, reporting from Managua, Nicaragua.

[ TV is turned off, zoom out to reveal NBC News employees watching with interest ]

Kathy: What do you think?

Dan: Well, it’s a nice report.. but is this the week to cover.. [ thick-accented ] ..Neek-o-rah-gwa?

Kathy: Well.. I think Neek-o-rah-gwa is important. But not just Neek-o-rah-gwa but, also.. Han-der-us! And, especially.. El Salv-uh-door!

Executive #1: But wasn’t the big story the defeat of Hor-tay-ga! And.. the fall of the san-duh-nees-tahs!

Executive #2: Excuse me, everybody, I’d like you to meet our new Economics correspondent.. Han-toe-nee-o Man-dos-ah!

Antonio Mendoza: Or.. Antonio Mendoza.

Kathy: Oh, it’s nice to meet you, Han-toe-nee-o!

Dan: I’m sorry. Is it Man-dos-ah? Or Min-doz-ah?

Antonio Mendoza: Mendoza.. just Mendoza.

Executive #1: Well, Han-toe-nee-o.. um.. Kathy here was just talking about our coverage of Neek-o-rah-gwa.

Antonio Mendoza: Yeah, well, I think that the economic development in that region is going to be a real big story.

Dan: Yes, especially now that they don’t have to worry about the.. Coin-trahs!

Antonio Mendoza: Yeah.

[ Delivery Boy enters ]

Delivery Boy: Food delivery?

Executive #1: Oh, great! Yes, yes! Right here! Okay.

Dan: Han-toe-nee-o, please, fell free. We always order too much food.

Antonio Mendoza: No.. thank you, thank you very much.

Executive #1: [ examining the orders ] Okay.. alright. Who had the an-chee-lah-dahs?

Kathy: Oh, that’s me.

Executive #1: Okay.. we also have a comibnation bean bar-r-r-r-r-r-ee-toe.. and chee-lee-con-car-nay!

Dan: Well.. I had a bar-ee-toe.. and gway-vos-con-chair-ohs.

Executive #1: Oh.. [ looking ] They’re no gawy-vos. They must have screwed up.

Executive #2: Han-toe-nee-o, you’re welcome to have my chee-lee-con-car-r-r-r-r-nay!

Antonio Mendoza: Uh.. no.. no, thanks. Say, you guys really like Latino food, huh?

Executive #1: [ laughs ] Well, you know, I grew up in Las-Hang-o-lees!

[ Bob Costas enters room ]

Bob Costas: Hey, guys.

All: Hey! Bob! Bob!

Bob Costas: I heard you had some an-chee-lah-dahs!

Kathy: Oh, man! We got some dynamite cheem-ee-chang-ahs, too!

Bob Costas: Oh, great! Great! Can I dig in?

Kathy: Sure!

Dan: Bob, this is our Economics correspondent, Han-toe-nee-o Man-dos-ah!

Antonio Mendoza: [ chuckling ] Antonio Mendoza.

Dan: Han-toe-nee-o – Bob Coast-ahs!

Bob Coastas: Nice to see you.

Executive #1: So, Bob, you got any hot picks for us this weekend?

Bob Costas: Well, I like-a De Brawn-cose!

Dan: [ laughing hysterically ] De Brawn-cose?! You’re nuts! No way De Brawn-cose beat Sohn Dee-a-go in Sohn Dee-a-go! You’re out of your mind!

Bob Costas: Oh, what! And this is the guy who picked Tom-paw Bay by six over Sohn Frohn-sees-co!

Dan: Okay.. okay..

[ Secretary enters room ]

Secretary: Dan.. I’m sorry I couldn’t find the file on.. Coast-ah Ree-co! And, also, the garage called, and they said someone left their lights on – a blue Cah-mah-row!

Bob Costas: Oh, geez! That’s me! [ running ] Save me some gway-vos-con-chair-ohs! [ runs out of room ]

Antonio Mendoza: You know, I-I-I’m sorry.. I’m just noticing that you guys are really up on your Spanish pronunciations. [ everyone expresses theiir gratitude ] But.. if you don’t mind me saying so.. sometimes these Spanish words, when you take them and you sort of kind of overpromounce them.. it’s really kind of annoying.

Executive #2: [ surprised ] Really?

Dan: Well, give us an example.

Antonio Mendoza: Okay. Well, what do you call the kind of storm you get with high winds and a big funnel cloud?

Dan: [ chuckles ] A tour-nah-do! Why?

Antonio Mendoza: [ shakes head ] Never mind.. never mind. [ a beat ] You know, on second thought, I think I will have an enchilada.

Executive #1: Uh.. a what?

Antonio Mendoza: An enchilada.. I’ll have an enchilada.

Dan: I’m sorry?

Antonio Mendoza: An an-chee-lah-dah! Now everyone understands what he wants ] Han-toe-nee-o Man-dose-ah would like an an-chee-lah-dah!! It would very moo-wee bwain-oh because Han-toe-nee-o is very hahn-gree!! Yeah, it would make him feel r-r-r-ree-lee goo-id to have an AN-CHEE-LAH-DAH!!!

Executive #1: [ whispers to Executive #2 ] Hey, this guy’s alright!

[ zoom out to fade ]

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