SNL Transcripts: John Goodman: 12/01/90

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December 1st, 1990

John Goodman

Faith No More


  • Church Chat

    Recurring Characters: Church Lady, Saddam Hussein.

  • John Goodman’s Monologue

  • Bad Idea Jeans

    (Repeat) See: 09/29/90.

  • Annoying Traits

  • Jagger Ties The Knot

    Recurring Characters: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards.

  • Player-With-Yourselves-Club

  • Faith No More performs “Epic”

  • The McLaughlin Group

    Recurring Characters: John McLaughlin, Pat Buchanan.

  • Weekend Update with Dennis Miller

  • Food Chewing

  • Wayne’s World

    Recurring Characters: Wayne Campbell, Garth Algar.

  • Faith No More performs “From Out of Nowhere”

  • Davy Crockett & Son

  • It’s Pat

    Recurring Characters: Pat.

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