SNL Transcripts: Kevin Bacon: 02/09/91: Cleaning My Rifle

 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 16: Episode 12

90l: Kevin Bacon / INXS

Cleaning My Rifle

Soldier…..Kevin Bacon

[ open on Desert Storm soldier sitting on rear of humvee, cleaning his rifle ]

Soldier: [ singing ]“The boys were hanging around the camp that night
wondering what tomorrow will bring.
A banjo chord came through the blue
and I heard somebody say.

A little bit lonesome, a little bit blue.
Cleaning my rifle, and dreaming of you.

Beautiful memories come into view
While cleaning my rifle, and dreaming of you.

That goodbye kiss you left on my lips is still just like new.
And the dream you left in my heart will someday coem true

But in the meantime, think of me, do.
Cleaning my rifle, and dreaming of you-ou-ou-ou.”

[ fade ]

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