SNL Transcripts: Alec Baldwin: 02/23/91: The McLaughlin Group

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  Season 16: Episode 14

90n: Alec Baldwin / Whitney Houston

The McLaughlin Group

John McLaughlin…..Dana Carvey
Pat Buchanan…..Phil Hartman
Jack Germond…..Chris Farley
Eleanor Clift…..Jan Hooks
Morton Kondracke…..Kevin Nealon

[Fade in. Theme music plays; superimposed title appears, then fades]

John McLaughlin: Issue number 1: high noon. Saddam says “No”, Bush says “Go”. How long will it last? Pat Buchanan!

Pat Buchanan: Well, George Bush is playing hardball here, and I think we could possibly see…

John McLaughlin: WRONG! Eleanor Clift.

Eleanor Clift: Well, if I were George Bush…

John McLaughlin: WRONG! Jack Germondo.

Jack Germond: Well, Bush is weighing his political clout against…

John McLaughlin: WRONG! Issue 2: Gorbachev endorses Bush. Politically-motivated Gorby: friend or foe? Morton Kondracke!

Morton Kondracke: Well, Gorbachev is playing a very interesting…

John McLaughlin: WRONG! Pat Buchanan!

Pat Buchanan: I think the Soviets are in very good postion t–

John McLaughlin: WRONG!! On a scale from 14-32, 14 being of absolute metaphysical certitude and 32 being fairly likely, what are the chances of Gorby breaking ranks? Jack Germond!

Jack Germond: Wait… 14 to 32?

John McLaughlin: WRONG! Mortone!

Morton Kondracke: Uh, 21?

John McLaughlin: WRONG! The correct answer is 19.24. You were close, Mortone. Next issue! The infinite universe: some pundits say no. If not, then what’s at the end? Jack Germond!

Jack Germond: Boy, that’s not my area…

John McLaughlin: Pat Buchanan!

Pat Buchanan: Uh, maybe another dimension…

John McLaughlin: Mortone!

Morton Kondracke: Well, there’s no real way to determine…

John McLaughlin: WRONG!! The universe is finite; at the very edge there’s a giant brick wall guarded by a mean dog. Issue number 3: Who was my favorite Beatle? Jack Germond!

Jack Germond: I dunno… uh, John?

John McLaughlin: Eleanor Clift!

Eleanor Clift: Maybe Paul?

John McLaughlin: Mortony-tone!

Morton Kondracke: I say Paul!

John McLaughlin: WRONG! They were all equally fab. [while pulling out inkblot on card] Issue number 4: this inkblot. What does it look like? Eleanorus!

Eleanor Clift: A-a butterfly?

John McLaughlin: WRONG! Mor-tiny-toons-on-tv!

Morton Kondracke: Well, I say it looks kind of like an airplane…

John McLaughlin: WRONG!! Jack Ger-mon-do!

Jack Germond: I dunno, 2 scud missiles?

John McLaughlin: WRONG! It’s my mother, stealing my penis! [puts down inkblot in front of him] Next issue! [takes a gold coin out from his right pocket] Which hand is the gold coin in?… [holds it between right thumb and index finger, showing it to the others, then thrusts out his fists in front of him with a sudden flourish] Pat Buchanan!

Pat Buchanan: Uhhh… the left hand?

John McLaughlin: Wrong! Ellie-may?

Eleanor Clift: I — I don’t know, left?

John McLaughlin: Mondo-Jacky-germ!

Jack Germond: I’ll say right!

John McLaughlin: WRONG!! [as he opens his empty fists and then removes the coin from his right ear] It’s not in either hand, it’s in my ear! And look, it has chocolate inside; that’s for you, Mortone! [hands the coin over to Kondracke]

Morton Kondracke: [accepting the coin] Thank you, John.

John McLaughlin: I’ve still got the floor!!! Issue number 6: am I regular? Mor-tony-tenille!

Morton Kondracke: Well… (clears throat twice) I don’t really know…

John McLaughlin: WRONG! At-Pay uchanan-Bay!

Pat Buchanan: You know, I’m not especially interested in…

John McLaughlin: WRONG!! It’s all you think about! …Jacky-germ-germ-germ-germy-mon-mon-mon-mony-dough-dough-dough-doughma-dinga-dong-ding, blue moooonnnnn. [singing the last two words]

Jack Germond: What was the question?

John McLaughlin: Am I regular?!

Jack Germond: No.

John McLaughlin: WRONG! [as he picks up a container of Metamucil from the floor and shows it to the audience] I am regular, thanks to Metamucil! Comple-[audience laughter interrupts] Completely natural, and proved by scientists! Metamucil: when you need it, it’s there. Available at TruValue and Walgreens everywhere. [as he puts down the container] Next issue! Issue 7: how do we start the show? Patty-cake!

Pat Buchanan: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night?”

John McLaughlin: El Clifto!

Eleanor Clift: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night?’

John McLaughlin: More-tons-of-fun!

Morton Kondracke: Well, I think it’s “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.”

John McLaughlin: WRONG!!! The correct answer is: “Show-show-show, here we go!”

[Applause as SNL theme music starts. Scene fades to opening credits sequence.]

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