Hollywood Minute

Hollywood Minute

Donna Pearl…..Victoria Jackson
Frank Sinatra…..Phil Hartman
Sammy Davis, Jr……Tim Meadows

Donna Pearl: Hi! i’m Donna Pearl. Moviegoers are flocking to see the re-release of the 1960 epic, “Spartacus”. This restored version includes a controversial nude bathing scene, originlaly cut because its homosexual overotnes were considered too racy for 60’s audiences. Soon, ticket-buyers will be able to view another restored classic from 1960 – “Ocean’s 11”, the Vegas heist film, starring Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack. This new version includes this scene with a young Frank Sinatra, and a young Sammy Davis, Jr.

[ cut to video footage of Frank rubbing Sammy’s back as he lounges in ahot tub ]

Frank Sinatra: Is that too hard?

Sammy Davis, Jr.: No, man, it’s heaven.

Frank Sinatra: I don’t know.. sitting here with you now – I’ve got some kooky thoughts knocking around in my brain!

Sammy Davis, Jr.: What are you talking about, man?

Frank Sinatra: Your skin.. your skin is like.. what I’m trying to say is.. if you got out of this tub and put on a dress, I’d take you out for the biggest steak you’ve ever seen! So, do I belong in a rubber orom, or what?

Sammy Davis, Jr.: No, man. Some cats dig chicks, and some catsdig other cats. And if it’s alright with you, then it’s alright with the Man Upstairs.

Frank Sinatra: Hey. Stay in there much longer, and you’re gonnalook like a raisin!

[ Sammy laughs, as Frank wraps him in a towel and sneaks a peek at hislower half – scene zooms off ]

Donna Pearl: This has been Donna Pearl, with a “Hollywood Minute”!

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