Jeff Daniels: 10/05/91

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October 5th, 1991

Jeff Daniels

Color Me Badd


Color Me Badd, “I Wanna Sex U Up”

  • The Tonight Show

    Recurring Characters: Johnny Carson, Ed MacMahon, Jay Leno.

  • Jeff Daniels’ Monologue

  • Earthies

  • Richmeister’s Rival

    Recurring Characters: Richard Laymer.

  • Community College Bowl

  • The Chris Farley Show

  • Color Me Badd performs “I Wanna Sex You Up”

  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

  • Apex Novelty Company

  • Simon

    Recurring Characters: Simon.

  • Real Life With Jane Pauley

  • Color Me Badd performs “I Adore Mi Amor”

  • Don’t Get Me Wrong

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