Sarah…..Victoria Jackson
Nan…..Julia Sweeney
Kevin…..Kevin Nealon
Phil…..Phil Hartman

[ open on mothers looking at their babies ]

Sarah: Aren’t they beautiful?

Nan: Yes. I never thought I could love anything so much. You ever worry about what kind of world they’re gonna grow up in?

Sarah: Of course.

Nan: I try to do whatever I can – recycle, buy the right diaper..

Sarah: But, Nan, isn’t Zack wearing a disposable diaper?

Nan: Sarah, we use Earthies. You don’t just throw them away. You plant them. Earthies are the only diaper lined with seeds. [ demonstration plays ] When planted, Earthies’ unique absorbant liner protects the young seedling as it begins to grow. In a short time, an ear of corn emerges from the diaper-enriched soil. And that’s something you and you baby can be proud of!

[ dissolve to the mothers walking through the cornstalks in the backyard ]

Nan: Corn for boys, and pumpkins for girls.

Sarah: And I’ve been using cloth diapers..

Kevin: Hey! What are the moms up to?

Nan: Nothing. Just solving the world’s problems, that’s all!

Phil: [ eating ] Hey, Nan.. great corn!

Sarah: Great diapers.

Announcer: Earthies. The bountiful diaper. Protects their bottoms, protects their planet. From Dell Monty.

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