SNL Transcripts: Christian Slater: 10/26/91: Young Actors Forum


 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 17: Episode 4

91d: Christian Slater / Bonnie Raitt

Young Actors Forum

…..Christian Slater
Rob Lowe…..Victoria Jackson
Emilio Estevez…..Rob Schneider
Charlie Sheen…..Mike Myers
David Spade…..Matthew Broderick
Dana Carvey…..Keanu Reeves

Christian Slater: Ah, welcome to ‘Young Actors Forum’, a weekly dialogue for young performers in the industry. I’m Christian Slater, and joining me tonight are Keanu Reeves, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez, Matthew Broderick and Rob Lowe. Ok Charlie lets start with you. Now you did some nice work in ‘Hot Shots’. Now you’re doing a job with Milos Forman, sounds pretty intense.

Charlie Sheen: Yea I think it’s gonna be really special. It’s called ‘Firefly’. I play this fugitive cop who has to make a choice, yea it’s pretty real. I get to work with some great people: Gene Hackman, Molly Ringwald-

Keanu Reeves: Did her.

Christian Slater: Did er.

Emilio Estevez: Did er.

Rob Lowe: Did er.

Matthew Broderick: Had er.

Charlie Sheen: Did her. And you know uh, when you work with people like that you gotta turn it up a notch.

Christian Slater: Sounds cool. Now Keanu, I know you’ve worked with Milos recently.

Keanu Reeves: Yea it was really liberating. He’s the kind of director who goes right up to the line u know, and then he goes a little over that line. And there was this one time I was doing this really intense scene with Daryl Hannah-

Emilio Estevez: Did er.

Charlie Sheen: Had er.

Matthew Broderick: Had er.

Rob Lowe: Been there.

Christian Slater: Had some.

Keanu Reeves: Got some of that. What Milos lets us do is you get to call your own cut. So you let the camera roll till you feel right about the scene.

Christian Slater: That’s great. Daryl is a real perfectionist. She’s also got that innocent quality, a lot like uh, Ally Sheedy-

Matthew Broderick: Had er.

Rob Lowe: I had that.

Keanu Reeves: Been there.

Charlie Sheen: [pointing to Estevez] We doubled her.

Christian Slater: Begged her [coughs]. Now Matthew, I hear you’re working your chops in New York now.

Matthew Broderick: Yea you know every once in a while I like to go back into theater. Making a role fresh every night is a real challenge. I’m even studying acting again, I’m taking some classes with Duda Hoggins.

Emilio Estevez: Did er.

Charlie Sheen: Had it.

Rob Lowe: Made er.

Christian Slater: Did it twice.

Keanu Reeves: Got it.

Matthew Broderick: Nailed it shut. Cuz you gotta keep relearning your lines. It all comes back to you if you want it to.

Christian Slater: Well Rob we haven’t heard from you. You’re actually doing some TV now.

Rob Lowe: Yea I’m doing a TV movie directed by Alan Alda.

Christian Slater: Is he cool?

Rob Lowe: Oh yea he’s a great man. I met him once at a fundraiser and we totally hit it off. It’s pretty cool cuz we don’t just talk about acting. I mean like I’ll come over and just hang with him and his wife-

Matthew Broderick: Yea been there.

Rob Lowe: Seen it.

Charlie Sheen: Double duty. [high fives Estevez]

Keanu Reeves: Did er.

Christian Slater: Doin er.

Matthew Broderick: Oh you are?

Rob Lowe: Yea Alan’s really down to Earth.

Keanu Reeves: Yea you know actors who direct are so much more generous cuz they’ve been there you know? I mean Gus Van Sam was really cool but right now you know I’m working with Penny Marshall.

Emilio Estevez: Been.

Christian Slater: Seen.

Rob Lowe: Had.

Charlie Sheen: Done.

Keanu Reeves: Been. I mean uh, if you have a suggestion she’ll take it your way, which as an actor is really cool.

Charlie Sheen: I know what you’re sayin man. When I did ‘The Rookie’ I got that kinda vibe from uh Clint Eastwood.

Emilio Estevez: Did im. Sorry I have the hiccups.

Christian Slater: OK, thanks for watching ‘Young Actors Forum’. Next week my guest will be Amy McCarthy.

Rob Lowe: Excuse me Amy?

Christian Slater: Yea she’s a new actress Barry Levinson found, she’s in his next movie. Amy McCarthy.

[All rush off stage, then come back not realizing they should still be on stage]

Christian Slater: Had er.

Keanu Reeves: Been there.

[violin theme music]

Submitted by: Ethan Greenberg

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2 months ago

One of the funniest skits! Nearly impossible to find! Thanks to the Marxist Left internet police in all their infinite wisdom they removed it! I guess it was “suggestive” for the “me too” movement?

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