The Love Toilet

The Love Toilet

Man…..Kevin Nealon
Woman…..Victoria Jackson

[ open on pan shots of a romantic couple dining together ]

Announcer: You’ve found that one special someone, and you never want to be apart. You dine together; you play together; you sleep together; you even bathe together. So, why not share the most intimate moment of them all? With..the Love Toilet.

[ cut to couple on a two-seat toilet ]

Exquisitely-designed; hand-crafted of the finest porcelain imported from France, the nation of love. The Love Toilet. From Niagra, the ToiletPeople. Because when you’re in love, even five minutes apart can seem like an eternity.

Bamberger Announcer: The Love Toilet. Available at all Bambergers, and other fine stores.

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