Steve Martin: 12/14/91

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December 14th, 1991

Steve Martin

James Taylor


James Taylor, “Stop Thinkin’ About That”

  • “Not Gonna Phone It In Tonight”

  • Steve Martin’s Monologue

  • Schmitt’s Gay Beer

    (Repeat) See: 09/28/91.

  • Suckerpunch

    Recurring Characters: Mark Strobel.

  • The Doormen

  • Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

    What a human snail shell is made of.

  • The Energy Brothers

  • James Taylor performs “Stop Thinkin’ About That”

  • Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

  • Theatre Stories

  • Live With Regis & Kathie Lee

    Recurring Characters: Regis Philbin.

  • Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

    The face of a child.

  • James Taylor performs “Shed A Little Light”

  • Grandma Pugga Loves Cats

  • Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

    What tears families apart.

  • Steve’s Coward-Slapping Spree

  • The Dark Side with Nat X

    Recurring Characters: Nat X, Michael Jackson.

  • James Taylor performs “Sweet Baby James”

  • Chris Farley, Tarzan, Frankenstein sing “Feliz Navidad”

    Recurring Characters: Tarzan, Frankenstein.

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