The Energy Brothers

The Energy Brothers

…..Steve Martin
Energy Brothers…..Adam Sandler, Chris Farley

Steve Martin: You know, one of the nice things about being in my position in show business is that, every once in a while you get to help some young talent along the way. Well, when I was asked to host tonight’s show, I said I would do it on one condition – I want America to meet Steve Martin’s latest discovery. They’re a team who, in my opinion, will change the face of comedy in the 90’s, just as I did in the late 70’s and the first four months of 1980. Now, most comedians are as good or as bad as their material. Not the Energy Brothers. Because, you see, the Eenrgy Brothers have no material. They make us laugh on pure, raw energy. So, sit back and get ready to laugh, because, ladies and gentlemen, here come The Energy Brothers!

[ cut to the Energy Brothers, who immediately drop to their knees and creep across the flor to a small table filled with dishes ]

Energy Brothers: COMEDYYYYYYY!!!!

[ they proceed to dismantle the contents of the table, by throwing the dishes around and sliding themselves across the tabletop. One brother sticks his head in a vat of oatmeal, then proudly shows off his face covered in the oatmeal. They then high-five one another as a display of their comedic achievements. ] [ cut back to Steve ]

Steve Martin: You have to keep reminding yourself – they have no talent, they’re that good! The Energy Brothers! And I found them, ladies and gentlemen!

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