SNL Transcripts: Rob Morrow: 01/11/92: Insulting Comments



 Saturday Night Live Transcripts

  Season 17: Episode 10

91j: Rob Morrow / Nirvana

Insulting Comments

…..Rob Morrow
…..Mike Myers
…..David Spade
…..Adam Sandler
…..Kevin Nealon
…..Siobhan Fallon
…..Beth Cahill
…..Melanie Hutsell

Rob Morrow: Ah moron, how are ya?

Mike Myers: Hey idiot, fancy meeting you here.

Rob Morrow: Well I would have never come if I knew apple breath was gonna be here.

Mike Myers: [laughs] Well you’re gonna have to live with it, won’t you, oh smelly one.

Rob Morrow: Oh, what have you been doin lately? Eatin the puss out of your zits?

Mike Myers: Well no stinky, I just finished a book about you.

Rob Morrow: Is that right count fag-ula?

Mike Myers: Yes it’s called the life and time of a man with no penis, it’s pretty good.

Rob Morrow: Well I’m glad you found time to read for a change instead of sniffing your finger all day like you always do. [Sandler and Spade walk in.] Hey if it isn’t Mr. Douche and Mr. Bag, the Finnigan twins, how are ya?

David Spade: Pretty good booger belly, considering the fact that I just got finished shaving your moms back.

Mike Myers: And how about you Johnny Dingleberry, still having those fantasies about sniffing Ed Asner’s feet?

Adam Sandler: Woah easy there ‘sergeant skid marks’. Actually I’ve been too busy pickin out my little hairs out of your sisters teeth.

Rob Morrow: Hey pigstains, where the hell’s our slices?

Kevin Nealon: Coming right up you oozing wad of stink. Ok I got pepperoni for Sir Scrotum [hands slide to Morrow], and I got onion for the Hemorrhoid King [hands slice to Myers], and I got anchovies for Micro Wang [hands slice to Sandler], and a little extra cheese for Mr. Herpes Simplex [hands slide to Spade], enjoy!

Rob Morrow: Well well well, if it isn’t skank fest ’92. [Beth Cahill, Melanie Hutsell and Siobhan Fallon enter.] What brings you skank bags here?

Siobhan Fallon: We wanted to see what it was like to watch 4 giant gerbil stuffing mutants eat pizza, and you know what? We came to the right place.

Melanie Hutsell: So what are you chunks of steaming corn infested dung up to?

Adam Sandler: Ah, just tryin to keep ourselves disease free you baloated yeast ridden hose bag.

Beth Cahill: Throwin a party across town, you chicken choking losers wanna come?

Rob Morrow: With you scab pickin tuna queens? Sure. [all leave table]

Kevin Nealon: Hope you all get killed tonight you sons of bitches.

Phil Hartman: [sitting at his table, lifting menu from in front of his face] Sticks and stones may break their bones, but apparently names will never hurt.

Submitted by: Ethan Greenberg

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