Jiffy Pop Air Bag

Jiffy Pop Air Bag

Spokesman…..Phil Hartman
EMS…..Tim Meadows
Driver…..Melanie Hutsell

Spokesman: If you’re concerned about auto safety, you probably know about this.. [ holds up air bag ] ..the air bag. Experts agree it’s your best chance of surviving a collision. But there’s one drawback to the concentional air bag – it may save your life, but what do you eat while waiting for help to arrive? We at Jiffy Pop think we have the answer – the Jiffy Pop Air Bag. [ Air Bag pops open ] It’s quick, and easy.

[ show demonstration of car engine ]

Upon impact, the Jiffy Pop kernals in the steering column are instantly fed to the engine block, where they’re with oil from the crankcase. As the corn is popped, the bag expands, protecting the driver from injury, and, best of all, providing a delicious low-calorie treat. It’s as fun to eat as it is to make.

[ show Actual Reenactment ]

EMS: [ rushes to smashed car ] Are you okay?

Driver: [ calmly eating her popcorn ] Mmm-hmm. How the other driver?

EMS: Not too good. How’s the Jiffy Pop?

Driver: Great!

[ pan to Spokesman in foreground ]

Spokesman: The Jiffy Pop Air Bag. Because we don’t want you to walk away from your next accident on an empty stomach.

Announcer: The Jiffy Pop Air Bag. Now in Chedder Cheese.

[ SUPER: “Warning: During collision, some kernals may remain unpopped” ]

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